Play Wild Orient Mobile Real Money Pokies & Win 15 Free Spins Now!

Wild Orient Mobile Real Money Pokies is one of the most amazing, rewarding and exciting games you will play anytime soon, and the sooner you learn all about the bonuses and benefits it offers you, the more likely you will be to win them today!

Up to 60,000 credits can be yours as you play this game, and 15 free spins will be granted to you so you can play without depositing, but still win a lot! In addition to that, with the ability to re-spin your reels, and enjoy the Wild symbol, your chances to win more credits are higher than ever!

Make the most out of each spin, and of each bonus! The best game ever is available now, and you can already enjoy it!

Re-Spin the Reels to Win More Credits!

Very few games enable you to re-spin a specific reel in order to increase your chances to win these credits which were almost yours. If all symbols landed on the right reels, just as planned, except this very specific one that you’re missing to win those credits… you can pick the reel you prefer, and spin it again! All other reels will remain intact.

This re-spin will enable you to create the winning combination you need to enjoy the best payout, and since not all reels cost the same when spun, you can pick those that cost the least amount of credits, or that best suit your needs!

Play the Wild Game to Enjoy the Wild Bonuses

Wild is one of the most unique bonuses you will come across as you play the pokies games. The Wild will enable you to enjoy more winning combinations while putting less effort in each spin, since it can replace all other symbols besides the Scatter.

With this great symbol, even if two symbols of the same kind landed on adjacent reels, you will simply need a single Wild, to enjoy a three of a kind winning combination and the relevant payouts as well. Four and five of a kind are created similarly.

Wild can land on all reels besides reel #2 and reel #4. This is why not all reels cost the same when you choose to re-spin them.

Put No Effort to Enjoy the Free Spins

Have you wondered why the Wild cannot replace the Scatter"" title="Real Money Bonus">real money bonus of all!

Have fun!