Lucky Koi Online Real Money Pokies

You don't have to be a fish fancier to enjoy playing the Lucky Koi online real money pokies. Lucky Koi brings the fascinating action of koi cultivation to life on your PC or mobile gaming screen with the gentle and soothing images of some of the world's most beautiful fish.

This is a 25-payline game and you can make a maximum 10-coin bet on each line for big winning payouts. You have the option to activate some or all of the paylines, or enable some at low deposits while placing larger bets on other lines. However, only those lines that have been activated with a bet will deliver a payout on a win so it's important to lay a bet on as many of the 25 paylines as possible.

Koi Fish

Almost 200 years ago Japanese farmers, who were harvesting carp for their winter food, noticed that some of the fish displayed bright and vivid colours. The farmers began to breed these fish and were able to create fish ponds with koi in brilliant and shimmering colours. The farmers became aware that they could sell these fish and earn more money than they would realize by eating the fish and thus, the koi industry was born. 

Over the succeeding decades koi-cultivation spread to other areas of Asia and by the mid-20th century there were koi pools in many areas of the world. The koi fish demonstrated that they could withstand both cold and warm temperatures which encouraged breeders to make them available to people in varying climates and regions. 

Today there are different species of koi including the oldest species, the Kokaku, which has a solid white base and red patterns that are overlaid on top of the white, the Taisho Sanke which displays red and black patterns on the white base, the Showa Sanshoku that has white and red/orange patterns on a black base and the Utsuri on which a lacquer-black base color combines with patterns of deep red or orange. There are other colours and species of koi as well as sub-species of the main koi types.

You'll see all of this and more when you play the Lucky Koi online pokies for real money at the New Zealand online casino.

Real Money Pokies

To win real money playing online pokies, sign into one of the many New Zealand online casinos and enter the pokies room. Select your preferred pokies and choose the mode in which you want to play. You can play in the Free Mode for free or play in the Real Mode for real cash payouts. Casino advisors suggest that you play the game in the Free Mode first in order to learn more about the game and after several rounds of free gaming entertainment, when you feel more confident about the game, your betting strategies and your gaming techniques,  you enter the Real Mode to play for real money prizes.

The Lucky Koi slots takes place against a backdrop that displays a soothing Japanese garden scene. Game symbols include images of some of the most beautiful  koi fish along with, water lilies, turtles, frogs, Japanese fans, dragonflies,, silver and gold teapots and gold coins.

The Lucky Koi logo is the game wild which substitutes for missing symbols on the paylines to create completed combinations. For instance, if a spin results in 2 dragonfly symbols on an enabled payline, the logo can take the place of the third dragonfly symbol and complete the match. The logo creates its own winning combination when three or more Logo symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline.

The Grail image is the scatter symbol. Two scatters, occurring on the reels simultaneously (on any payline and in any position on the reels) completes the scatter combination and delivers the scatter combination payout.  Scatter payouts are determined by the number of scatters that appear on the reels on a regular game spin multiplied by the game's scatter payout value.   

Bonus Games

When three or more scatter symbols appear simultaneously on the reels they activate the Lucky Koi bonus game. In this round you have your choice of bonus games including a Free Spins bonus game and the Koi Bonus Game.

When the three scatters appear, indicating your bonus round, the regular game will stop and you can make your pick.

If you select the Free Spins real money bonus you will be awarded up to thirty free spins with multipliers that can reach up to 5x. Bets and paylines of the free spins are the same as the bets and paylines of the spin that activated the bonus game. The free spins can be re-activated during the bonus game if a free spins spin results in three scatters on the reels. You'll be awarded the same number of free spins and the same multiplier value as you originally won and the extra free spins will be added to your remaining number of free spins.

If you choose to play the Lucky Koi Bonus Game you will be presented with 12 objects and a random number of picks. You'll be able to choose objects that reveal your random bonus win amounts. The win amounts are multiplied by your total bet amount and the Win Box will display your  bonus win amount. Bets and paylines of the bonus game are the same as those of the spin that activated the bonus game. You win the total of all the bonus win amounts that you  reveal.

Mobile Gambling Entertainment

Lucky Koi is also available as a mobile slots which you can play at your leisure on your mobile device. You can open the casino on your mobile browser and play on the browser screen or you can download the mobile casino app which gives you faster-loading, more intuitive gaming entertainment through the casino's app.

PC or mobile, you can look forward to a gaming session of visual delights along with big money prizes when you play the Lucky Koi online real money pokies.