Visa/MasterCard - Payment Methods, Advantages, and Services

The casino industry these days offers players the ability to enjoy many different games, including real money bonuses and benefits as they win these games. Depositing and withdrawing funds are now more common actions than ever before, and therefore there is a growing need in finding adequate New Zealand payment options. Satisfying methods days are usually characterized as easy to be used, offer 24/7 available support team (or almost 24/7), include the most up to date security methods and offer additional benefits to the satisfaction of the customers. Two of the most popular methods, currently, are Visa and MasterCard.

Credit Cards – Advantages

Both Visa and MasterCard are credit cards. Unlike e-wallets, e-checks and other payment methods, using a credit card does not require players to open a dedicated user account, to go through a registration process and to remember the password. The same credit card one uses to order merchants and to shop can be used when enjoying the many benefits of the gambling world. Additional prominent advantages of the method are:

No previous money charging is neededunlike e-wallets, which need to be charged with funds prior to making the transfer, using the credit card is mostly direct. This allows players to enjoy a greater speed when depositing, and not to wait until all the necessary amount of money is transferred to the wallet, or to be limited to specific bet amount, due to insufficient funds in the wallet.

One charging per month for many transactions – this may differ between users, who may have different terms of use in front of their company. However, in most cases, multiple transactions can be made over a period of a month, and the deduction of the money will be done at the end of this period. This may be more comfortable for some players.

Keeping Track after the Transactions – all the deposits and withdrawals are detailed by the company, and with today's technological enhancement – in the websites of the card companies. This way, users can benefit from a comfortable method to watch, over time, their actions, past monetary purchases, and upcoming charges.

Multiple Ways to Purchase – credit cards can be used when purchasing over the phone, internet, email, and so on.

Credit Cards – Disadvantages

One main disadvantage may concern potential clients when considering credit cards for web purchaces.

Higher Level of Exposure to Stealing Data – while some payment methods use digital encryption during the whole data transfer process, when posting the number of credit card in different services, the level of security usually depends on the server and its services. However, it is important to denote that reputable companies, such as Visa and MasterCard offer a high level of anti-fraud service, aimed to protect users and their private information.

Visa New Zealand Payment Methods

General Information

Visa is considered today as one of the strongest and most reputable credit card companies in the world. Existing in the market since the 90's, Visa offers its services in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Visa connects businesses, governments, banks and consumers from all around the globe, and aims to deliver high quality services for all of its clients. Most of Visa's cards can be used for $0 annual fees.

Visa and Safety

Monitoring the Activity – visa watches the activity of its clients, ready to inform them at any moment for any unusual activity which may occur.

Holding Charges – charges can be put on hold in case any suspicions for frauds may arise.

No Liability Protection – visa secures its clients, by making sure they will not be held responsible for unauthorized actions.

Additional Services – Visa's Cards

Visa offers 16 different cards relevant for any need and special occasion. The most popular of them are:

Standard Credit Cards

Relevant for making purchases, paying bills or withdrawing money from ATMs. Credit card users can also enjoy some benefits from the company, such as cash back rewards, flexible payment options, etc.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used in many ways, according to the specific user's needs. A single purchase, as well as many different purchases can be done with this card. Unlike many other gift cards available today in the industry, Visa's gift cards can be sued wherever visa debit cards are accepted. These cards are offered in varying amounts, depending on the providers.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards usually serve as a comfortable alternative for cash, and allow users to spend only what they have deposited into their card so far. These cards are also accepted worldwide, and can be used as a secure way to access the money.

Debit Cards

The debit cards can be compared to checks or cash. The purchases are charged immediately from the account. These cards, as well, are accepted worldwide.

Benefits of Using Visa

Dedicated Contact Lines – customers looking to contact the team can do so in various ways, according to the cause: lost Visa cards can be reported in three different lines, depending on the card's provider, and general pleas can be posted by mail, or reported via dedicated lines.

Special Deal for Visa Users – Visa's users are eligible for special benefits, including low flight tickets for worldwide vacations, in-land hotels, and local pastimes.

MasterCard New Zealand Payment Methods

General Information

MasterCard is also one of the strongest and most reputable credit card companies in the industry these days. Existing in the market for almost 50 years now, MasterCard offers its services to consumers, merchants, businesses, governments and public sectors, and any other kinds of clients from all over the world. Technological enhancement and expertise of the company are what makes payment with MasterCard easy and comfortable for everyone, as well as safe to use. The company's support team is available for its clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clients, and potential clients, who visit the MasterCard's website will find a lot of relevant information, including clear and concise explanations about a credit card, the most up to date ways to choose a card, usage guides, and so on. MasterCard's clients can access their account via the internet, and to see all the most up to date info about their recent monetary actions.

MasterCard and Safety – the Security Benefits of Your Card

Theft ID Protection – for no extra cost, you are eligible to enjoy the company's tools aimed to detect and resolve any identity thefts that may occur.

Chip Technology – the chip cards have a microchip attached to the card which provides fraud protection.

No Liability Protection – unauthorized transactions will not be held against you by the bank or credit unions with the liability protection offered by MasterCard.

Additional Services – MasterCard's Cards

Standard MasterCard – allows customers to enjoy basic services, such as shopping, and controlling the expenses. The cards can be used where checks cannot, such as hotels or malls.

Platinum this card is accepted worldwide, and therefore allows its owners high advantages other cards cannot offer.

Gold – gold card is renowned for the high level purchasing possibilities of it.

World Elite – world elite is devised specifically in order to offer its owners the most adequate services for him or her.

Benefits of Using MasterCards

Languages – services are offered virtually in all spoken languages

Frauds Policy – a user who reports having his card stolen or lost will not be responsible for unapproved purchases.

Free Phone Lines Available Worldwide