Santa Paws Mobile Real Money Pokies

When Santa Paws comes tonight you'd better watch out for the opportunity to complete paylines and take advantage of the free spins and gambles in the Santa Paws mobile real money pokies, now available at the New Zealand online casino.

Santa might be a child's fantasy but Santa Paws pokies players can also fantasize about Santa's gifts including payline wins, real money bonus promotions and other game amenities. Santa Paws pokies is available for PC and mobile gaming so regardless of your location or the time of day or night you'll be able to sign into your casino account and enjoy Christmas bonanzas.

Some gamers prefer to play Christmas-themed slots when the Xmas season comes around but you can play the Santa Paws mobile pokies at any time throughout the year. Summer or winter, this real money mobile slots will give you a pokies adventure that will spice up any season of the year.


The Santa tradition hearkens back to the early days of Christmas celebrations when early Church leaders were considering ways to commemorate St. Nicholas, a Greek Bishop who was known for his benevolence and acts of charity. The Church leaders allowed stories about St. Nicholas to flourish and these tales evolved into legends about a jolly St. Nick who would bestow gifts people around the world to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Originally St. Nicholas was depicted dressed in his traditional Bishop's robes but by the 20th century artists started to show him dressed in the red and white outfit that we are familiar with. By the middle ages he became known as "Father Christmas" and Dutch settlers in the United States adapted them to stories about "Kris Kringle" who was referred to as "Singerklaas" which then begat "Santa Claus."

Today Santa is included in Christmas celebrations around the world. Children anticipate his arrival since he is said to bring gifts to those who have exhibited good behavior through the year. Elves and reindeer are said to accompany Santa on his rounds, assisting the old gent as he distributes presents to "good little boys and girls." 

You can incorporate Santa-themed games into your own Christmas celebrations or at any other time of the year, thanks to the NZ online pokies Santa Paws. 

Santa Paws Pokies

The Santa Paws mobile pokies is a five-reel video slots. The game displays 20 paylines with a 10-coin maximum bet per payline. That means that, if you want to optimize your gaming event and bet the highest wager possible you can bet 200 coins per spin.

The symbols of the Santa Paws slot machine show a snowy landscape of polar fun and thrills. There are penguins, polar bears, snow-white owls, white rabbits, arctic whales, white foxes, white walruses and more.

Any combination of three matching symbols on an enabled payline delivers a win. The Santa Paws logo is the game's Wild symbol. This Wild substitutes for other symbols to serve as the third symbol and complete combinations. Three or more Wilds can also complete their own combination on an enabled payline. Since only one winning combination can be paid out per payline. you'll be paid out the value of the highest combination if more than one winning combination is formed on a payline.

The penguin symbol is the game's Wild. If two penguins appear on the reels, regardless of whether they emerge on an activated or unactivated payline, they complete a scatter win and activate the scatter payout. Scatter payouts are determined by multiplying the number of coins that was bet on the spin that resulted in the scatter win by the scatter combination payout value.

When three or more scatter symbols occur on a regular game spin, the Free Spins bonus game activates

Free Spins

In the Free Spins round you receive twelve free spins with a random multiplier applied to each win. The multiplier value can climb as high as 7x per win. All bets and paylines that are played in the free spins round are the same as those of the spin that activated the bonus game.

During the free spins round the Rudolf symbol functions as an extra Wild symbol. You can achieve a Wild reel win during the free spins game if three Rudolph symbols appear on the reels on a free spin.

Gamble Game

The Gamble Game can be activated by any regular game win. When you achieve a completed combination during the regular game you'll receive your payout along with the opportunity to Gamble. Click the Gamble button to gamble or pass it over and continue with your regular game spins. You have five Gamble options per slots cycle and you can play some, all or none of the Gambles. After 5 gambles you won't be able to gamble any more until the next slot machine round.

If you choose to Gamble you'll be presented with a card. If you correctly guess the card color (black or red) your existing payouts double. If you correctly guess the card suit (diamonds, clubs, hearts or spades) your existing wins quadruple.

Your gamble wins will be automatically added to your other payouts.

Additional Casino Bonuses

The NZ online casino offers added casino bonuses which allow you to multiply your game wins even further.

If you're a new player you'll be eligible to collect the New Player Bonus which welcomes you to the casino with match bonus credits and other casino give-aways. The NZ casino knows that it takes a little time to learn how to play the casino games and it wants to give you the opportunity to explore the casino in your own time. Through the new player bonus your gaming credits will be multiplied without any further deposit obligations from you. The wins that you realize through your bonus credits are real money wins and bring you real cash payouts.

The casino gifts you with additional bonus packages as well including Loyalty Points, new game free spins, VIP bonuses, refer-a-friend bonus swag and more.

You'll spice up your holiday season with some real money gambling entertainment when you play Santa Paws mobile real money pokies.