SOFORT banking

The SOFORT banking system is one of the easiest to use on the market today. It’s a payment system that was developed in Germany and that is being used across Europe and in many other locations. For those looking for payment methods for New Zealand, it’s certainly an address to go to and a place to enjoy. When you learn more about this banking method, you can rest assured that your money will be taken care of and transferred with ease and your needs will be met in a way that is agreeable and comfortable for you.

Learning More

Just a few of the places where SOFORT banking is already available include: Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, the UK, Italy and more. You can visit their site for more in depth information about the sofort locations and about the sofort deposit method. On their website, they explain from top to bottom how to enjoy their banking method and they have video tutorials that can help any potential customer to see what's going on.


The SOFORT banking method was founded in Gating, near Munich in 2005. It was initially used under the name Payment Network and it offers products and services for secure purchase of physical and digital items that are on the internet. Along with the Sofort Bank, they have banking products that are specifically tailored for eCommerce. A company like this that has been around for so long allows you to relax and to know that you're being taken care of as you play and pay.

How It Works

As customers interact with the SOFORT banking method, they use their already existing online banking method. You select your country and the bank of your choice. The SOFORT Banking method then works like a co-between, making sure that the money that you want to move from your already-exiting bank gets to the online casino site or other location where you want it to go. And that’s it. This means that you don’t have to learn new passwords or worry about logging in to a new system. You already have everything that you need in your bank and you can use the SOFORT deposit method to move that money to the casino of your choice.

Playing and Having Fun

When you want to enjoy a real money bonus, you want to enjoy it immediately. You don’t want to wait for your bank account to be confirmed or for some passwords to be verified. And with the payment methods for New Zealand, you’ll love using the SOFORT banking. They are used around the globe and offer many currencies and ways to pay with ease.


They also offer a high level of safety and guaranteed comfort. Their payment system is verified safe and secure by Truseer’s online banking security solution Trasteer Rapport. They have “Approved Date Protection” and an “Approved Payment System” and their ISMS is certified by TUV SUd. They are also Norton secured.

All of this allows the real money bonus player to have a blast playing and to have access to the money that he wants to spend in an easy way. Your comfort matters and with Sofort you'll know that you're being taken care of. You simply indicate which bank you use, and from which country and then you indicate which casino site you want to play at.

Select Sofort as your banking method of choice and you'll have a blast as you play and enjoy. You can leave your worries behind and just have fun as you play and pay as you go.