Immerse Yourself into Medieval Times with Avalon Online Slots! 

Avalon Online Slots is a thrilling ride into the past, where gleaming knights ruled the land and beautiful spirits can help you win more than you’ve ever dreamed of. Inspired by the legends of King Arthur’s court, Avalon will provide you with the thrill of slots while taking you on a journey – right on your computer, tablet, or phone!

With five reels and 20 paylines, numerous bonuses, and other special features, you will be transported to a medieval world of jewels, goblets, swords and slots. Read on to learn about all the excellent features you can discover in Avalon!

Increase Your Chances of Winning with the Wild Symbol!

Amidst glittering symbols and enchanting music on the Avalon reels, you will notice the Avalon symbol. The Avalon symbol serves as the Wild Symbol.

That means when it shows up on the board, it substitutes for all other symbols (except for the mysterious Lady of the Lake, whose role will be revealed to you shortly).

The Avalon symbol allows you to make winning combinations with any other symbol! The other shimmering symbols include Goblet, Chest, Crown, Broach, Coat of Arms, and more. When you combine all of these possible symbols with the additional fact that the Avalon symbol can substitute for any of them, you can quickly see how easy it is to get winnings from this fun game.

Scatter Symbol – Get Lucky With the Lady of The Lake!

The entrancing Lady of the Lake acts as the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is a special Avalon slots bonus, which helps you play even more slots. When she’s on the screen, you will get excited because she can activate the Free Spins Bonus Game, giving you 12 FREE SPINS!

One of the best things about the scatter wins in Avalon Online Slots is that the Lady of the Lake can show up anywhere on the screen. As long as there are three (or four or five) of her symbol somewhere on the screen, you will get a scatter win!

Since she does not have to be on a normal payline, you can even get a scatter win AND a normal win for an increased real money slots bonus AT THE SAME TIME! Avalon is one of the only slots that gives you the opportunity to win two payouts at once.

The Lady of the Lake Can Keep You Winning More and More!

What could be better than free spins"" title="Real Money Bonus">real money bonuses!

Just like how she helped King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake is definitely on your side and wants to see you win when you play Avalon Online Slots!

Go for the Gold – Gamble to Multiply Your Winnings!

With so many ways to get free spins and payouts, you will see how quickly and easily you will start winning. Once you win some credits in Avalon Online Slots, you have the option to choose the Gamble feature.

Once the Gamble feature is activated, you have two different ways to play. A card is displayed on the screen, facing away from you. You can either bet by color (red or black) or by suit.

The amount that you can gamble and win depends on the amount that you just won. For the first round, betting by color pays 2x your original payout, and betting by suit pays 4x. For every time you win, the payout doubles again. This makes it possible to exponentially increase a small winning into a huge payout!

Delightful Slots With A Medieval Twist – Avalon Casino Slots

Avalon is a classic slots game that will delight and thrill you with its whimsical symbols inspired by the stories of King Arthur and his kingdom. With the feel of live slots and the graphics and music of medieval times, the game will satisfy your desire for great gameplay.

There are so many enchanting features awaiting you: multiple paylines, plentiful benefits with the wild and scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers, and the Gamble feature. Let the magical world of Avalon sweep you away – let’s play!