Loyalty Points – VIP Clubs, Free Spins, Redeemed Credits and So Much More!

As the casino industry is becoming more popular worldwide, the mobile and online casinos offer players better, and more rewarding, bonuses and benefits than ever before. These days anyone can make his way to play more and better games, enjoy thrill that comes with unexpected games results, as well as gain some control over the game by applying some methods and techniques he learned along the way.

However, one of the most popular things lately becoming more and more favoured among players is the ability to win and use loyalty points, which can benefit players with a wide range of rewards in no time at all. In some casinos it is possible to start accumulating such points even while using the Sign Up Bonus, and in others the points accumulation may start a little later, but the real money bonuses are just as wonderful. Ready to learn how you can win these points and what you can do with them?

How to Win Loyalty Points

The first action that needs to be taken is to sign up to a casino. It is important to make sure, first of all, that the casino offers loyalty programs and loyalty benefits, if that is your main focus at the moment.

After doing so, the next step would be to start playing games, and a lot of them! The more, the merrier! Each game played and won will benefit its player with additional points, according to the terms and conditions of the casino.

The points' accumulation will be documented in the balance account of the player, and every time he reaches the required amount, bonuses will be available for the player.

Loyalty Perks and Free Spins

The first sorts of bonuses which gamers can enjoy from are the free spins and the free games. These bonuses can be given to the player once he or she reaches the required amount of points, and is already eligible to enjoy them. Some casinos, for example, will send the player a message, announcing that he can play one, or a few games for free. Others, will let him know he just won a certain number of free spins which can be used according to his free will on the games available in the casino.

Sometimes, the free games or free spins will be given in a promotion, either as one of the many prizes offered, or as a prize granted only to players who win the competition at the end of the promo. In these cases, most times players will also be required to achieve a minimal number of loyalty points in order to qualify for the prizes.

Online Casino Loyalty Club and Special Benefits

One of the best things gamblers who play to win loyalty points enjoy, is the privilege to join a loyalty club, and especially one which includes loyalty tiers.

The loyalty club lets avid players enjoy some very special bonuses, which others players cannot access. The loyalty tiers create a separation between the different players in the VIP club, based mostly on the accumulation of loyalty tiers achieved so far. The higher a player's loyalty tier is, the better the offered bonuses are.

Among others, players will be able to enjoy the following bonuses (bonuses may vary in different casinos, and sometimes even change in the same casino):

Birthday Credits: either at the specific birthday date, the birthday week or the month, the player will be eligible to claim and use birthday credits. These will allow him to play more games for free, according to the casino's terms and conditions.

Redeemable Cash: players will be able to win bonus credits when making deposits, or after making a certain amount of deposits.

Monthly Loyalty Points: granted at the beginning / end of every month. Helpful in increasing the speed of the player's climb from one tier to another, as well as getting him closer to play more games for free.

Exclusive Casino Events: gives layers the eligibility to participate in exclusive tournaments, competitions and promotions others cannot play at.

Exclusive Events Out of the Casino: players will also received special invitations to VIP only events, such as worldwide cruises and trips, special vacations, sports events, and so much more!

Exclusive Casino's Attention: ever dreamed of having a private VIP manager? What about enjoying an exclusive phone line to call for any inquiry? These are definitely waiting for you over here!

Boosting the Winnings and the Ways to Win: winning accelerators increase with loyalty tiers, and players can enjoy 5% accelerated winnings, in comparison to other players. 10%, 15% and other accelerators are also offered, and usually the accelerators' rate rise in direct relation to the player's tiers.

Take What's Yours: VIP players can also enjoy faster withdrawals than all other players, and take what's theirs more easily than ever before!

Eventually, the more loyalty points a player has, the more offers he is eligible to receive from the casino, and the more options he has.

Promotions As a Way to Win More Loyalty Points

Once players understand the great power held in the accumulation of loyalty points, they start looking for more and more ways to do so. Luckily, many ways indeed exist and they are definitely easy to be applied.

One of the most prominent ones is to participate in promotions. Promotions usually make it easier for players to play more games than they usually tend to, and thus, make it a lot easier to win more loyalty points than usual. Moreover, in promotions players can also enjoy points' boosters which can multiply the number of points in no time at all, and even grant with points as part of popping bonuses included in the promo.

Some promotions also offer players to purchase different bonuses during the promotion's time, but the usage of these points does not affect the total balance account of the player, and thus allows him to keep on enjoying these points when advancing in the VIP tiers and so on.

First Points Accumulated & Seized at Each Casino

Different casinos have different policies when it comes to when players can start accumulating the loyalty points, and when they can start benefiting from them. Some casinos allow players to start winning these points right from the very first game, including when they are still using the Sign Up Bonus. Other casinos, however, require the players will start depositing their own credits and cash, after seizing the Welcome Bonus, in order to increase the number of loyalty points in their balance account.

When it comes to using the points, whether for free games, redeeming cash, and even getting into the VIP clubs, there is also a wide difference between one casino and another. Some casinos allow players to join the first tier once they had their first loyalty point, and others will want the gamers to reach a certain amount of points, and sometimes within a specific period of time. Therefore, it is always advised to check out in advance what are they terms and condition of each casino. This way, players will be able to choose the casino which fits them best, regarding the bonuses, benefits, and policies regarding the loyalty points.

Are you still here? Start winning loyalty points and maximizing your free games and VIP bonuses' potential now!