Spin Palace Casino Review

If you’re a New Zealander searching for a special place to sit back and relax with some online gaming fun in a secure environment then read this Spin Palace Casino Review which will hopefully guide you to what you’re looking for. Spin Palace is a trusted site with the kind of online casino bonus NZ has been waiting to hop on and it’s doors are open to beginners and expert players alike.

Whatever walk of life or background in playing online casino games you may have, it’s important to play at a venue which is well known and respected and having been established back in 2001 Spin Palace has gained widespread attention as a safe space to explore the world of online gambling, take a few chances, and maybe even come away with some a few full pockets.

One of the biggest draws is the Spin Palace real money bonus which basically lays out a trajectory for the new player to begin playing games immediately after signing up without their own money. It’s a brilliant way of beginning to experience the joys of playing online games and the casino bonus types which Spin Palace provides can simply bring you out of this world and over the top.

What’s Inside

Spin Palace is part of the Palace Casino Group and powered by Microgaming, the company at the heart of releasing the best games out there. The casino can be accessed directly from your computer or through a downloaded version which can make accessing whenever you want easier.

So whether it’s from the desktop or mobile device once you sign up you’ll have over four hundred games at your fingertips to try out and play, one after the other. There's never a dull moment and if you think Spin Palace is one of those sites that puts up a show you’re wrong because the casino truly looks all over the world for inspiration hoping to stay updated with what’s going on elsewhere and bring the best and the latest back to New Zealanders so they can tap into all the fun just like you and I!

That’s why it’s one of the top destinations for Kiwis hoping for a thrill ride during some of the daily downtime or late at night when it’s hard to sleep. And if you’re not sure about which games to play you don’t have to play for real money immediately. Simply play many of the games for free to see for yourself which ones strike a chord in your schedule.


Kiwis love their pokies and so it’s a safe bet you’ll find everything you’re looking for when trying to pick out your favourites. It’s also very likely you’ll enjoy many other games such as roulette, blackjack, video poker or simply joining up with one of the progressive jackpots the casino offers and seeing where that takes you.

Meanwhile, one of the best parts of playing at Spin Palace is the up to $1000 welcome bonus which a new player receives upon sign up. And remember, the offers don’t end there, as that’s just the beginning of the relationship Spin Palace would like to share with you once you are on the road to bigger and better things in the online gaming world. You’ll find weekly and monthly offers and other types of promotions which come around at different times of the year.

Spin Palace is also eCOGRA certified which means it’s in the great company of trusted sites where the customer does not have to worry about making transactions and can rest assured their personal information is being kept private and can’t be accessed by outside parties.