All Slots Monthly Bonus

Online casinos encourage gamers to patronize their casinos with a variety of bonus offers. At the All Slots Casino players receive multiple real money mobile bonus promotions that they can use in tandem with each other. In addition to a Welcome Bonus for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran players, VIP bonuses for high rollers and new game bonuses for all gamers who play the newest casino games, All Slots also offers monthly draws and contests that add extra payouts to your regular casino wins. Take advantage of the All Slots Monthly Bonus for a more satisfying casino event of fun, excitement and big wins. 

Monthly Bonus Fun at All Slots

Every month the All Slots Casino features a new promotion that lets you add to your regular casino entertainment with extra interactive action. Every promotion is different and ranges from themes that feature pirates and passports to reels of fortune, money-filled Easter eggs, vacation destinations and much more.  The promotions are open to everyone and everyone has a chance to win one of the All Slots real money bonus prizes. 

Every month the AllSlots casino commits to giving away tens of thousands of dollars in casino swag in the form of free spins, extra casino credits, loyalty points and casino cash. Players are not required to make any additional deposits in order to enter the monthly bonus contests. They simply opt into the contest, play their games as usual and check the bonus page to see what they've won. 

Some of the contests includes weekly promotional periods while others present a draw that rounds out the contest with a big bang. Regardless of the specifics of each month's bonus promotion, players are sure to walk away with the opportunity to play more games for more time for free. 

More Casino Bonus Offers

The monthly contest prizes are added to the casino's regular bonus promotions and to your game payouts, providing you with rewards that stack on top of each other. 

One of the biggest and most lucrative of the casino's promotions involves the Welcome Bonus which welcomes new players to the casino. As a new player you are entitled to receive a Welcome Bonus that's worth up to $1600 during your first week of casino entertainment. To start, on your first deposit the casino gifts you with a 100% match bonus up to $250. Keep playing and receive another 100% match bonus, up to $250, on your second deposit. On your third deposit you'll receive a 50% deposit up to $500 and on your fourth deposit the casino awards you a 50% deposit up to $600. All together, your first week of casino gambling brings you a possible $1600 in match gaming credits.

VIP Bonus

If you're a high stakes player you can take advantage of the VIP bonus that is offered to a select group of high stakes players. You receive match bonuses on your high stakes deposits once you've been accepted into the VIP Club. The number of points that you have accumulated determines your VIP level, with 2000 points taking you to the Gold level, 8000 points to the Platinum level and 50,000 points to the Diamond level.

VIP players enjoy many perks including the services of a dedicated VIP support team, invitations to exclusive promotional events, a personal account manager, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, luxury gifts, loyalty points to cash redemption, customized vacation packages and more. 

Loyalty Points

Land-based casinos generally offer loyalty points and other loyalty packages in the form of Player's Club Cards. When you play at the online casino you don't have to worry about obtaining a card or redeeming your points at one of the casino's restaurants, bars or hotels. Everything is online, meaning that the casino automatically calculates the points that you receive for your gambling activities and makes sure that those points are ready for you to redeem for casino give-aways whenever you're ready.

As you accumulate your Loyalty Points online you can transfer those points to credits that you can then use to play at the casino, or to any of the other casino prizes which can includes cashback deals, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, luxury gifts and vacation packages.

 At All Slots you begin to earn loyalty points as soon as you make your first deposit. The more you play, the more loyalty points you'll earn. The number of points is dependent on your wager. Wager $10 and receive 1 point. For every 1000 points that you wager you receive $10 in casino cash for your next game. The Loyalty tiers include bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond tiers. You earn entry, maintenance or bonus points and then redeem those points for your choice of casino swag. 

New Game Bonuses

All Slots Casino wants to make it easy for you to explore new games so they offer you extra bonuses on specific new games. The new game bonus includes additional loyalty points on selected games that go live at the casino. 

Casino Games

The All Slots Monthly Bonus, Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Points are applicable to all of the casino games including the casino's table games, slots, lotteries and card games. Regardless of your preferred game, you'll be able to apply the casino bonuses to your game choice. 

You can also use the bonus cash, points and credits on the gaming platform of your choice. Your bonuses are maintained in your personal casino account so you can apply them to any of the games that you play at the Download Casino on your personal laptop or desktop PC, at the Flash Casino on any Internet browser or at the Mobile Casino when you play on your smartphone or tablet screen.

Take advantage of the AllSlots Casino bonus promotions and add to your regular game wins and your game's bonus round wins with extra bonus payouts.