Free Spins No Deposit NZ

Play the best New Zealand online slot games. You can find all the best online slot games in NZ. But to get the most out of your playing time, make sure to grab the free spins no deposit NZ bonus. It’s an offer for all new players from New Zealand. It will help you maximize your playing advantage. Take free money from the casino even if you have never made a deposit. Use that free real money bonus to get free spins on your favorite slot games.

Why No Deposit

You may wonder why a casino would give away a no deposit bonus. The answer is that they are trying to attract new gamers. While that may sound reasonable, it still begs the question how a casino can essentially allow people to play for free. By giving away real money free spins, this is exactly what they are doing. The reason is that they hope that people will have such a great time using the free spins bonus, that they will stay at the casino and play more games for cash.

How the Bonus Works

So how does the no deposit free spins program work? It’s really very simple. Go to one of the free spins no deposit NZ casinos. There are a few that specifically cater to the New Zealand market. They know that Kiwis want to maximize their investment. When you have found the online casinos which make the offer, all you need to do is sign up. Cash will automatically be added to your account. You do not need to make any additional deposits to earn this cash. Just register and confirm your account, and then you can use the cash the casino gives you for those free spins.

Playing with Free Spins

Playing online slots with free spins is different than playing after you deposit cash. Since you are not risking your own money, you have all the benefits of playing slot games without any of the risk. So you can play a diverse selection of games without the fear that if you don’t win, you have lost money. If you win during the free spins round, then it is a real win. You do not have the return the money you won. You can use it to keep playing. So money won after you receive a free spins no deposit NZ bonus could be used to get even more free spins plus cash winnings.

The Different Types of Slot Games

Using the free spins no deposit NZ bonus, you can play a wide variety of games. The most recognizable would be the classic slots. These are the so called “fruit machine” games. They use symbols that can trace their history back to the very early days of slot machines. In those days, the most common prize was a pack of chewing gum in various fruit flavors like cherry, orange, and lemon. That is why pictures of fruit were used as the winning images. If you got three pictures of cherry bunches on the pay line, you won cherry flavored chewing gum. 

These days, classic slot games still have those pictures of cherries, oranges, and lemons. But rather than winning chewing gum, you win cash. And you can win that cash either by betting your own money or by using the free spins no deposit NZ bonus.

The Development of Slots Games

After images of fruit came images of lucky sevens and single, double, and triple bars in the early slot machines. All these symbols are still used by modern, classic online games. But if you prefer, there are also ultra-modern games that are based on exotic travel and popular movies. These games can have wild, beautifully drawn images. Because the games are online, the sky is the limit. Computer generated graphics are generations beyond the old pictures of cherry bunches.

Special Features

These new games are loaded with special features. Three of the features stand out: Wilds, Scatters, and the Gamble. Wild images are ones that can be used in place of any other symbol except a scatter to form a winning pay line series. Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels. Typically, if you get at least three, you will be given free spins and in many cases cash. These free spins will function exactly the same as the free spins no deposit NZ bonus for new players.

One last special feature is the Gamble game. This is an option given to all those who win a round of slots. They can either keep what they have won or risk it all in an effort to double their payout. Many games also let you try to quadruple your payout with a one in four chance. One typical way this works is that you see a face down playing card on the screen. You guess whether that card will be a club, spade, diamond, or heart. If you are correct, you win four times your money.

What Else You Can Do with Your Bonus

These are just a few examples of games that you can play when you go to a casino that will award new players in New Zealand a free spins no deposit NZ bonus. It really is an amazing way to play more games without risking any of your own cash.