All Slots Mobile Casino - where you go, when you go!

The "All Slots Mobile Casino" is a 24/7 open online casino, with a great variety of games. Whether you're sitting on the beach or a tropical island or having a quiet morning at the local coffee shop - just enter, register, and start playing FOR FREE!

High Quality You Can Count On

The All Slots Mobile Casino is one of the 'Jackpot Factory" casinos group, which is a group of four of the finest online casinos in the world, so you can be sure this casino is not less than highest standards, and with great performance. The AllSlots mobile is the mobile version of the favorite "All Slots Casino", But that's not the best part - the All Slots Mobile Casino bonus has a real money bonus as a WELCOME BONUS - you'll immediately receive it with your registration. And it really PAYS OFF!

All Slots real money PREMIUM bonus

Registering the site will grant you a special offer premium bonus, and help you start earning money smartly by the following stages:

  • Registration: Register and get $5 for FREE! No need to deposit.
  • First deposit: You'll get $10 credit for FREE! In advance, every amount you'll deposit will be equalized by 100%. (Up to $250)
  • Second deposit: You'll Get $15 credit for FREE! In advance, every amount you'll deposit will be equalized by 100% (Up to $250 for FREE).
  • Third deposit: Every amount you'll deposit will be matched by 50% (Up to $500 for FREE).
  • Fourth deposit: Every amount you'll deposit will be matched by 50% (Up to $600 for FREE).

In conclusion: You'll get $30 FOR FREE, and up to $1600 by deposit matching as FREE cash from All Slots Mobile Casino, straight to YOUR account!

Special Promotions

In advance to the WELCOME BONUS, All Slots Mobile Casino also offers limited edition Special Promotions with real money bonus. Follow the publications to make sure you're not missing any of them! The special promotions contains:

Loyalty Club

The Loyalty Club is an exclusive ranking method, meant to reward loyal players. It's being calculated at a simple and transparent method - The more you PLAY, the more you EARN.
All you have to do is START PLAYING! Easy, isn't it?

Loyalty Points are being calculated in the following way:

For every $10 you wager, you'll receive 1 Loyalty Point.
For every 1000 Loyalty Points, you'll receive $10.

Loyalty club contains a few tiers, being calculated as following:

  • BRONZE: You'll receive the Bronze tier once you'll register and have 1 point worth in $ in your account. In order to remain with Bronze tier, you need to have a minimum of 1 point worth in your account. It's your first step to earning BONUS credits over the money you've gained.
  • SILVER: The Silver tier will be given to each player who'll have a total amount of at least 300 points in his account, and as long as he have at least 300 points. The player at the Silver layer will get is 10% of BONUS points over the money in his account.
  • GOLD: The Golden tier will be given to a player once he'll have at least 2000 points in real money in his account. It will be preserved for as long as the player have at least 1500 points, and the BONUS for the Golden player is 20% of the amount.
  • PLATINUM: A Platinum tier will be given to a player who had a total amount of 8000 points at his account, and currently have at least 5000 points. The bonus a player at the PLATINUM tier will receive is twice than the Golden one - 40% of his account amount.
  • DIAMOND: The Diamond tier is the most paying off of them all. In order to get the Diamond level, you'll have to have 50,000 points worth money. You'll need to have at least 8000 points worth in $ at your All Slots Mobile Casino account to stay with Diamond tier, and you can bet it's paying off real time!
    For every point at your account, you will receive 50% MORE.
    In addition, in this level (unlike at the other ones) you can redeem your points in CASH!

A Variety Of Surprise Changing Promotions

There are special promotions, in which you gain bonus points or money according to the promotion rules. For example the Cupid's target promotion will draw lots between all the casino players every week, with prizes of up to $1000. To increase your chances in this promotion you need to keep playing at AllSlots Mobile for more days in a row, earning ticket multipliers which multiply your winning chances. The Spatial promotions are changing according to the season, holidays etcetera, giving you extra cash, and making your game even more Exciting!

You can never know when the AllSlots mobile will grant you FREE cash, so stay updated, And keep your finger on the pulse!